The details of the process

The process can be divided into three major steps: The starting point is a cuvee made from selected wines. In the spinning cone column, consisting of about 40 stainless steel cones, half of which are spinning, the wine’s temperature is carefully increased under a vacuum. An ultra-thin, vapor-like layer of liquid forms on the cones. From this layer, the volatile components, that give the sparkling wine its unique taste, also known as bouquet, are carefully separated. They are collected and stored separately in a protective reservoir. 

In a second step, the alcohol is removed from the sparkling wine by letting it vaporize completely under vacuum. What remains is alcohol-free wine to which the bouquet is added again. The last step before the wine is bottled entails harmonizing the product by adding the expedition liquor (liqueur d’expédition). The expedition liquor contributes to the creation of the desired sophisticated taste. 


Refinement through technology and traditional know-how 

The art of producing an excellent sparkling wine is based on the selection of the cuvee and on the successful blend of technology and artisan tradition. This is where the decade-long experience of the experts at Rotkäppchen-Mumm comes into play. The combination of all these factors ensures that the customer can enjoy the high quality sparkling wine without any alcohol.